Principal's Desk

The concept of Midnapore law College is to act as a “best provider and testing ground for bold experiments in legal education” came up before the Bar Council of India in the context of Council’s Statutory responsibility for maintaining standards in professional legal education under the Advocate Act, 1961. Midnapoe Law College incorporates complete flexibility for innovation and experimentation in the pursuit of excellence in legal education. The management of the institution rests with organized legal profession in India.

Our institution firmly believes in multidimensional development of all students and to solve practical appreciation of their problems by providing them multidisciplinary activities like different type of case studies, discussion and debates in class rooms on legal topics and moot court sessions under the guidance of senior experienced legal faculties. This academic approach emphasizes a great positive impact over the result of students of college in University examinations. I am well confident that the students will have a glorious law career and a good placement platform in legal profession by getting admission in our esteemed institution of legal studies.