Fee Structure

Fee Structure for Five Year B. A. LL. B. (Hons.) & Three Year LL. B. Courses


( Session 2018 – 2019 )

1. Admission Fee                     Rs. 10,000/- for each course.

2. Course Fee                           Rs. 25,000/- for each Semester to be paid in cash / Bank draft during admission to each Semester.

3. Re- Admission Fee             Rs. 10,000/- for each Semester.

4. Other Fees                            As to be notified from time to time.


N. B. : (a) Fee structure is subject to revision to meet escalation of expenses for maintenance development and revision of pay of the college staff.

            (b) Course Fee is to be paid by Bank Draft drawn in favour of “Midnapore Law College” Payable at “Midnapore”.

            (c)  The continuing students are required to pay Course Fee and other Fees and get enrolled within Fifteen Days  from commencement of each Semester.  

            (d)  If any student considers that he / she is not getting the academic facilities in this College commensurate to the Course Fee he / she is paying, then he / she may apply for Transfer Certificate with refund of the Course Fee he / she has paid for the current Semester to the College which will be granted. The College authority reserves the right to issue Force Transfer Certificate or Expulsion Order to a candidate if found irregular in class attendance, poor performance in college examinations and / or found involved in acts of gross indiscipline / misconduct.