Director's Desk

Midnapore College Authorities realizing the necessity of introducing Law Education at Midnapore College approached the Bar Council of India for Permission to open law courses in the evening shift of the college. The Bar Council of India did not agree to permit the opening of law courses as a section of Midnapore College and suggested to establish one independent law college with separate campus. Accordingly the Governing Body of Midnapore College formed a Society named Midnapore Education and Service Society in 2000. The Society procured 15.5 acres of land from the State Govt. on Long Term Lease basis in 2001. The Vidyasagar University granted Affiliation to Midnapore Law College in 2002 and the Bar Council of India also accorded Approval to this college named as Midnapore Law College.

Midnapore Law College started in the Midnapore College Campus in 2002 and was shifted to this new campus at Rangamati in the next year.

Midnapore Law College is one of the premier self financed Law Colleges of the State and it is discharging its duties of spreading legal education in the western part of West Bengal since 2002 with good campus, equipped Library, qualified faculty and a good environment.