The Code Of Conduct For The Students

The College takes a pro-active position on all matters relating to professional and appropriate code of conduct on the part of the entire College community - students, faculty and non-teaching staff.

            In furtherance of its commitment to an environment of honesty, fairness and mutual respect, the College Management will take serious cognizance of acts of academic / professional misconduct that include cheating on academic exercises, plagiarism, misrepresentation and interference of any kind in the access of fellow students to College services, among others.

           Issues like sexual harassment and ragging etc. will also be seriously death with as per Law of the Country.

            Steps will also be taken against derogatory acts on the part of any student or acts of gross misconduct or indiscipline.

             The admission will also be cancelled if a student is found involved in misconduct, activities of in-discipline and such other activities which may be against the academic atmosphere and normal functioning of the College. 

The students of the College will not be allowed to organize any meeting, deputation, demonstration, agitation etc. which may hamper the normal functioning of the College and can create tension amongst students and / or vitiate academic atmosphere of the College.

Irregular attendance in classes, negligence in class work, insubordination, misconduct etc. will invite disciplinary measures against the student concerned which includes fine, detention, expulsion from the College etc.

The decision of the College Authority in this regard be final.