The College has a well equipped library with a good number of books and in additions; the library provides attractive and valuable authoritative law journals and also magazines of general nature. Separate rules and regulations are available from Library office. The Library Cards will be provided by the College Office within fifteen days from the commencement of the classes.


             Students’ Identity Cards are issued by the College Office free of cost and the students are required to collect the Identity Card within 15 days from the commencement of class for each session. The students must bring Identity Card with him/her while coming to College. A student will have to show Identity Card to the College staff on demand for verification as and when required.

                 Identity Card must be kept carefully in the custody of the student and is not transferable. In case the Identity Card is lost / stolen the matter be immediately reported to the nearest Police Station. Duplicate Identity Card may be issued in such cases on obtaining application for the same with a copy of the GD and on payment of Rs.50/- ( Rupees Fifty ) only.