College Uniform

The students will have to wear prescribed uniform as stated below :

 For Male students :          White Shirt, Black Trouser, Black Tie, Black Coat or Sweater, Black Shoes. 

 For Female students :    White Sharee with navy blue border or White Salwar Kameez with Black Dupatta and                                                                     Black Coat or Black Cardigan.

Students are permitted to enter into the college campus being properly clad on with prescribed uniform. Violation of this rule may be treated as act of indiscipline.


The college will provide a Students Council, which will give suggestions for redressal of the grievances of the students. One student from each class/semester will be nominated in the Council considering his/her academic performance, class attendance and conduct. The recommendations of the Council will be considered by the College Management aptly. The Principal./Teacher- in-Charge will the President of the Council. The nominees of the College Management shall have occasional interactions with the Council, with the object of providing good education within the constrains of a self-financing institutions in rural Bengal. This Council is only an advisory body to college management as regards students’ activities.